OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DO SEW INS ITCH

sew-ins vs. quick weaves
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  1. LuluHannaLove says:

    Omg!! Me too! Whatever you do,don’t wet it. Once, mine was itching like crazy and I was crying for help and no one knew what to do. So,I just decided to wet it abd it got 10000 times worse.
    But now, I sometimes use Vaseline. Don’t let it touch your weave,though.

  2. Iammzchelc says:

    Omg that’s why I’m on here my head itches so bad I’m really on the verge of tears…its my first full sew in and it hurts I did it a couple days ago and it woke me from my sleep : (

  3. shirellemone128 says:

    i know how you feel. i just washed mines and i use Doo Gro anti itch growth oil it works

  4. 2010stace says:

    Sulphur 8 or dr miracles hair growth oil

  5. jmcelvan001 says:

    @lyfelovepeace u use gel and sprtiz and place into a ponytail

  6. staras00 says:

    @staras00 LOL I hear u. U just want a solution…quick!

  7. lyfelovepeace says:

    i wanted to ask you how do you mold you natural hair b4 a qick weave????

  8. dnrhines1 says:

    @jmcelvan001 yeah i think they do sell it at sallys but it may be cheaper at walmart oh yeah you talkin about that ol plastic hair they use to braid your hair with to make the base stronger for a sew in, it does itch i got that ish in my head too!

  9. jmcelvan001 says:

    @missqc3333 …i ussually do that for my clients but you knw when other people do your hair you try new things and be nice. lol

  10. jmcelvan001 says:

    @shaford80 yeah they were really tight @ first but now the itching began

  11. jmcelvan001 says:

    @dnrhines1 thank u … ima try sulfer 8 dont they sale that @ sally’s and i think it itches bad because she added that cheap hair they use to braid or do the french rolls with.

  12. jmcelvan001 says:

    @staras00 thank u ..u would think i dnt knw anything when that itching starts i lose it.lol

  13. staras00 says:

    All that tension of having the thread pulled through the underlying braids is probably causing the itchy scrathies. Perhaps putting some coconut oil through your scalp will help. Also aloe vera gel is a soothing agent. Try thinning the Aloe vera gel with water or oil and work it through your scalp. Good luck :-)

  14. dnrhines1 says:

    Sometimes I think its a mind thing of knowing that my natural hair is about to be “put up” for a few months, and I wont be able to get to it and scratch if I need to. I use braid royale (not too much to loosen the braid but just give you some relief) or sulfur 8 spray. My sew in has been in for almost 2 months now and I so dont want to take it down until I get another appt lol good luck hun it looks nice on you!

  15. shaford80 says:

    Im thinking ur braids may be too tight and or ur hair/ scalp is dry. Ive had this problem before. I take a can of oil sheen and go in between my braid and oil my scalp this help me a whole lot.. if u can have someone else do it so u wont put oil on the weave.

  16. missqc3333 says:

    I think you might be allergic to the colored thread that was used in your sew in weawve… try using a wig cap on top of your braids, you will not have to braid your own hair so tight. Sew the edges of the wig cape it your natural hair along the hairline and cut the elastic band off. add tracks as usual and this will keep the thread away from your scalp and protect your hair while it’s still in it’s growing phase. Good luck

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